Realising a 1700’s dream home in 2023

Featured on the third season of TV Show Grand Designs Sweden, Husband and wife team, Jonas and Anna Lindeberg, had a vision to create a historically-significant property with materials and elements popular in the 1700s – the time when her original family home, situated on the same land, was built.

Now, six years later, the unique property is a juxtaposition of historic grandeur with modern twists, the epitome of which is several Bertazzoni appliances at the heart of the home - the kitchen.

Creating a home around a centrepiece

Building a 300-year-old home from scratch is no mean feat, but it’s a project that parents of two, Anna and Jonas Lindeberg, were excited to embark upon. The brief was simple – construct a 1700's home – yet sourcing the materials and achieving the craftmanship akin to the time was not.

Having painstakingly restored an original wood-burning stove, the couple sought out the Heritage Series range cooker. “We wanted a modern cooker that would complement rather than compete with our beautiful stove, so aesthetics were vital,” explained Jonas. Ph. by Adam Helbaoui.


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A romantic country kitchen

“We’ve worked extremely hard to create the historical details in the house and the large kitchen is meant to encourage movement and life” said Jonas. 


Anna and Jonas very much envisaged spending most of their time in the kitchen, working, doing homework; simply living. "The kitchen is where we spend most of our time as a family; much the same as life in the 18th century. The room isn’t just about eating but living and sharing moments together.”


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An ever-evolving home

“The wood-burning stove set the foundation of the house and a baseline for its age to build upon,” said Anna.


“We wanted to create a home, not a museum and for this reason we wanted to include in the project elements of modernity that simulated the evolution of a house through hundreds of years.”


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Achieving perfect integration throughout the kitchen

“We also have two ‘secret’ Bertazzoni products – a panel-ready built-in bottom mount refrigerator and dishwasher. They are expertly concealed behind wooden panels and fit perfectly within the cabinetry - like hidden gems in the home!


“We just love how tactile they are to use, too. They feel very exclusive and we find ourselves encouraged to touch and feel the quality workmanship. This very much aligns with what we’ve tried to achieve through the whole house.”


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A home with a soul

“Our aim was to pretend the house was built in the 1700's and make it look like it’s been lived in for centuries,” explains Anna. “We go all in when we decide, so we had to get things right. Of course, this meant things took longer than usual, but it was vital for us to get the desired feeling from everything in the house.”


Using an analogy of comparing their house to fingerprints, the Lindebergs wanted to celebrate small imperfections and let them tell a story. Whilst they could have shipped a property from elsewhere in the country, they felt any other home wouldn’t have the soul they were looking for.