A Stylistic Masterpiece in the Glow of Joshua Tree National Park

There is something undeniably magical about Joshua Tree National Park. The vastness of the vibrant desert landscape, the expanse of the sky, the glow of the light. The setting proved the perfect canvas for an artist to build her retreat.

The natural palette of honey-colored wood emphasizes clean lines and cohesive design that reflect the ambient light and floor-to-ceiling views. The open kitchen space uses cabinet cladded Bertazzoni built-in appliances and a sleek induction cooktop to enhance the lyrical vision.

Integrated Design Merges Indoors and Out

Situated within this breathtaking landscape, the home's minimalist profile settles into the terrain. Designed around the Joshua trees and desert boulders, the residence takes inspiration from its soothing surroundings with a focus on natural materials, energy-conscious design, and stunning views at every turn. Ph. by Margaret Austin Photography


Induction Cooking


Induction Blends Style and Function

The Bertazzoni Professional Series Induction Cooktop and stainless steel Convection Oven provide an elegant low-profile form that compliments the surrounding kitchen. Precision touch controls and digital timed cooking promote ease-of-use, while being state-of-the-art energy efficient technology.


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A Harmonious Design

Inspired by the iconic landscape, the home's interior has an architecturally curated material palette, made seamless with the incorporation of Bertazzoni's Professional Series Built-In Refrigerator. Versatile and functional, the product's real materials - metal and glass - complement the ethos of the kitchen.


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Cohesive Design Meets Sustainable Efficiency

Bertazzoni energy star-rated dishwashers allow designers to choose more sustainable solutions. Thus creating without compromising on style and aesthetic. The blend of design and efficiency are paramount to the brand.


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A Sense of Place

A home built as part of nature and a landscape that inspired the design. This sanctuary blended inspiration from Joshua Tree National Park, an uncompromising aesthetic, and a commitment to sustainable products -- all trends that have a timelessness and permanence as true as the desert itself.


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