A Midwestern Home Where Charm Meets Innovation

Nestled in the heart of Evanston's Lakefront Historic district, a suburb of Chicago, Kate Pearce's Victorian home stands as a testament to the architectural splendor of the early 1900s. Inspired by the timeless elegance of this era, she embarked on a renovation journey to marry vintage charm with modern innovation.

Breathing new life into an outdated 1970s kitchen, Kate was inspired by the timeless charm of Portugal and the captivating elegance of Italy. Creating a fusion of old-world allure and modern sophistication, her renovation marries tradition with innovation.The cutting-edge Bertazzoni appliances are incorporated seamlessly alongside the honed marbles reminiscent of neoclassical design.

Authentic Elegance with the Bertazzoni Heritage Series

Kate was drawn to the Bertazzoni Heritage Series with an induction range for it's blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. "We knew the Heritage Series range was the right choice from the moment we laid eyes on it. Bertazzoni's reputation preceded our viewing, and the Avorio finish perfectly complements our bold design choices. With its timeless appeal, we're confident this range will stand the test of time, making it the heart of our kitchen for years to come."


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Harmonious Design with Panel-Ready Appliances

"In our kitchen design, functionality took precedence without compromising beauty, thanks to the Bertazzoni Heritage Series suite. The panel-ready dishwasher and refrigerator seamlessly integrate into the cabinetry while outperforming our previous appliances. The refrigerator has so many wonderful features, from the interior filtered water dispenser, large interior storage space and EnergyStar qualifications that enhance both utility and elegance in our space."


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Culinary Excellence with Innovative Induction Technology

Considering the environmental and health impacts of their renovation, transitioning to induction was an important choice for Kate and her family. When evaluating appliances, they were excited to hear that Bertazzoni was launching an induction version of their renowned Heritage Series range.


"Now that we have the induction range ourselves, we are so glad we made the switch. It was an extra bonus to discover that the Heritage Series induction range cooks just as beautifully as it looks. It heats up quickly, and cooks everything more evenly than any gas range we have ever used in the past."



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Adding Dimension with Collezione Metalli Décor Sets

"We knew we wanted to mix metals in this space, and we absolutely loved that Bertazzoni offers so much dimension with their Collezione Metalli kits. We used the decor set in Gold, to add gold finials on the end of chrome handles. The result is just spectacular."


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Timeless Aesthetics

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home, and Kate aimed to create a space where they could spend time as a family, and host friends comfortably. "The timeless aesthetics of the Bertazzoni Heritage Series made choosing these appliances the easiest decision we made in the entire design process of this kitchen."


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